America's Difficult Decisions

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We as people are put to hard decisions daily. These decisions could be do I wear shorts or pants today, should i take a risk and ask this girl out, or even should i skip class and possibly miss a pop quiz. We are faced with decisions every single day, but what do we do when this decision involves a person and whether they live or not.

Whenever anyone is sick or badly hurt they go to the one place that will take care of them, the hospital. Whenever someone comes in badly hurt, they are greeted at the front with questions about what happened and then they help you right away. The hospital never asks u first “can u pay for this?” they just help. I believe patients should be treated and cured to the best of the hospitals ability even regardless of the money.

For those of you who don't know what the cost of life supports costs a day for a person, its
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America provides us with free education, law enforcement, and other free services that helps us. If we have all these sources to help us stay safe for free then why wouldn't we have free health care to keep us safe and alive. It is a necessary requirement for the well being of all.

A quote I found by an anonymous person was “Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same”. I understand that their aren’t unlimited ventilators out there for everyone, so if a patient is terminal don't waste the resources that could be used for patients that has a chance to live but we need to at least give people a chance. It is a hard decision but providing free medical care for everyone is the right thing to do.

Going back to the hard decisions at the beginning of my essay, everyone in this country is faced with many decisions but the decision to save a life should be a no brainer. Everyone deserves to have a chance to live and money shouldn't effect that decision. United States is the best country and we should prove it by providing free health care to
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