America's Dirty Little Secret of Narcotics

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America’s Dirty Little Secret Right now someone is being arrested for being in possession or under the influence of an illegal narcotic. We are in a war right now, a war with 23.5 million Americans in the crossfire. A battle is happening against “America’s public enemy number one”, drug abuse, proclaimed by President Richard Nixon in 1971. Fighting the war on drugs is charged to the police officers around America who go out every day and work to curb the use of drugs in this country. One big problem is the drug problem’s direct relationship to crime. When people become addicted to drugs they spend all the money and drain all the resources from their life’s to fund their habit. There have been many news stories about people killing their own family members to get money for drugs. Money is the common denominator. Many drug dealers are either greedy or fund their own drug habit through selling drugs. Since it’s an illegal trade, people can set the prices as high or low as they want to. The main problem is that it is a cheap and easy alternative to natural highs, like exercising or going on a rollercoaster. Those things take time and energy to earn, whereas someone can go get enough heroin to get high on the street for less than twenty dollars. When people become addicted to these narcotics, their body becomes dependent on it, like a hunger if they go to long without it they experience withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal from these drugs can be too much for some people,

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