America's Economic Society

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Some people may argue that the influx of higher education is a good thing. More people are becoming knowledgeable, they are able to make informed decisions, and the country will be regarded higher than others. In regards to those and the fact that we are fulfilling the definition of a knowledge society, yes,the influx of higher education is a good thing. But in regards to learning communities and how they operate, no, the influx of higher education is not necessarily a good thing. More learning communities are formed daily(good thing) but with this comes more stress and pressure on the boundaries of all learning communities. If the community is pulled in too many directions it can be disastrous.
America’s economic society affects America’s knowledge society. If the economic society is doing well, the knowledge society is doing well. If the economic society is doing bad, the knowledge society is performing poorly. Winston’s theory ties in to an article that Janet Lorin and Jeanna Smialek wrote for Bloomberg Business. In “College Graduates Struggle to Find Employment Worth a Degree”, the two women discuss unemployment rates and the affect they have on college graduates. They discuss how the inflation of college degrees has led to graduates settling for any work that
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The article displays studies that show there are an increasing amount of college graduates that cannot find jobs. This is due to the influx of education in today's society. A source for Newsweek explains that “They don’t want to pay you extra for your master’s. There are enough people with master’s degrees that they can require them” (McGrath Goodman). While it may be more valuable to get a higher education, is it becoming harder to get a job in the career field that you
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