America's Flawed Legal System Illustrated in the Film, The Thin Blue Line

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Reading newspapers or watching TV at home, at least we find one article or news describing a killing, a shooting, or an armed robbery. With all these problems, we are in fear but cannot avoid hearing and dealing with them. They happen every day and some time justice system blunders and leads to wrongly convict people for what they do not commit. This is reality of wrecked system that is resulted by injustice and corruption. Ultimately, Errol Morris confirms this reality based on a true story of an innocent convicted Randal Adams for a criminal case by creating a film, The Thin Blue Line. David Harris, an important accuser, claims Adams was a murderer and shot Robert Wood, a Dallas police officer. With Morris’ suspicion of Adams’ innocence, …show more content…
He accuses Adams for murder of Wood as he was in the event with Adams. Immediately, Morris cuts to the red light after Harris’ interview, which simply implies a suspicion of Harris’ guilt. Morris starts pulling our attention from this part to look back on Adams’ guilt and Harris’ accusation. Moving on with his effort, Morris continues to study the details of the story by continuing to interview Adams and Harris. The two men continue the story how they came to meet each other until a shooting event of Wood occurred. Morris does this beginning part to study Adams’ case as he believes Adams was wrongly convicted and Morris was a real murderer.
The movie keeps progressing to support Morris’ belief of unlawful legal proceedings and unjust conviction. Morris recreates a series of events to prove his belief by establishing recreations. The first recreation is Adams’ interrogation that he was asked to confess to the shooting of Wood but he would not confess to what he had not done. He says, “I do not remember anything after I got back to the motel. I was not in a car during the shooting and I did not kill anybody.” However, the police officers do not believe Adams and suspect him as a murderer because of evidence from Harris and the surprise witnesses. They continue investigating the case, but no additional evidence can be found. To close the case fast, the police department states that Adams singed a confession that he had confessed
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