America’s Foreign Oil Dependency

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America’s Foreign Oil Dependency:

What are the options to stop this crisis?
Professor Sharon Mitchener


August 11, 2006

BUS 531
Research Proposal

The topic of this paper is America’s foreign oil dependency. The purpose of this paper is to suggest how might America completely destroy or at least greatly mitigate its dependency on crude oil to fuel Americans’ cars, especially foreign crude oil. Library literature, newspaper articles, encyclopedias, and the Internet were all sources used to compile this paper. The conclusion reached in this research topic is that America’s great foreign oil dependency is a crisis and other energy sources to fuel our cars need to be adopted and implemented before the people
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Finally, gasohol is considered to have helpful environmental effects. Research proves that by using gasohol instead of regular gasoline, carbon monoxide emissions will be reduced by as much as 17 percent, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 4.2 percent, and hydrocarbon emissions will be reduced by 5 percent. The use of gasohol also greatly reduces emissions of benzene (a known highly fatal carcinogen).

Cons Though ethanol may be better for the environment and ultimately the American farmer, it still has several disadvantages. The first disadvantage is that ethanol can be much pricier than gasoline, depending on where you live in the United States. Fuel price data from the Department of Energy (DOE) shows that in the Midwest (where the majority of America’s ethanol is produced) ethanol sells for almost 30 cents less per gallon than conventional gasoline. However, on the West Coast, filling up with ethanol would cost a driver an average of 35 cents more per gallon. In the Mid-Atlantic States, ethanol would cost drivers ever more: a full 44 cents per gallon. The higher price of ethanol in many areas is made worse by ethanol’s second disadvantage that it, regardless of the price you pay for it, contains less fuel efficient energy than gasoline. In short, this means cars won’t travel as far on a tank of gas, and most cars fuel economy will decrease by 20-30 percent. This is very
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