America's Founding Documents Essay

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America's Founding Documents
The Lesson Activities will help you develop these 21st century skills:
Creativity and Innovation
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Technology Influence

You will evaluate some of these activities yourself, and your teacher may evaluate others. Please save this document before beginning the lesson and keep the document open for reference during the lesson. Type your answers directly in this document for all activities.

Self-Checked Activities

Read the instructions for the following activities and type in your responses. At the end of the lesson, click the link on the Summary screen to open the
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When you have finished, submit your work to your teacher. Check the rubric at the end of this document to be sure you are meeting the expected criteria for the assignments.

1. Articles of Confederation

Read the 1985 DBQ essay question and documents on the Articles of Confederation. Carefully analyze each document and incorporate the information you gather from those documents, along with your knowledge of the events and time period, into a well-crafted essay to evaluate the following statement:

From 1781 to 1789 the Articles of Confederation provided the United States with an effective government.

Type your response here:

After you have completed all the activities, submit this document to your teacher for grading.


These rubrics will be used by your teacher to grade your writing assignment.


Criteria for Effectiveness of the Articles of Confederation DBQ essay

The essay clearly and concisely analyzes each document, demonstrating an accurate comprehension of the question, and includes a clear, well-developed thesis statement. Evidence from the documents and knowledge of the events and time period sufficiently support the thesis. The essay is written in a coherent manner with smooth transitions from one idea to the next. A score of 9 is given to an essay that provides an in-depth analysis of the documents.
The essay clearly analyzes each
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