America's Got Talent: Light Balance

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On Tuesday night when Light Balance takes the stage, it might have an extra advantage over the other contestants performing on the America’s Got Talent live show. What? The eclipse.

America is still feeding off the craze that had crowds in the middle of Nebraska and beyond looking to the skies. Dark in the middle of the day, humans are fascinated with the basics of light and darkness when it comes to science. Add a few different colors and put it on TV to get the perfect opportunity to impress viewers around the world.
While the other acts on the live show might sing, dance and even show off a few tricks, Light Balance will be reminding everyone just how spectacular it is to see the darkness light up in unique ways. Yeah, Light Balance has an eclipse advantage for sure. And they should use it to make the next cut as they deserve to be in the top of the competition.
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Whether it be dark stages with dancers who have lights on them or lights incorporated in different ways, the fans love this type of performance. America’s Got Talent opens up this type of venue to alternate acts like this, which creates a bigger draw for fans too.

As the competition gets tighter and tighter, the best of the acts will rise to the top on AGT. That’s why viewers will be watching each performance very closely during the live shows. Light Balance has a good chance of making it to the next round. Plus, the fans will definitely be interested in buying tickets to see this act. All it will take is a solid performance during the live shows at the Dolby theater and a little luck. Of course more votes than the other competitors will make it happen
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