Americas Greatest Display Of Excellence

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Golf- Americas greatest display of excellence The only thing more challenging than life itself is golf. Many of the traits that the American people pride themselves on displaying are prevalent in golf. One area, in which the true American attitude is seen, is in the progression of golf. The American people are extremely evolutionary. The American people are always building new equipment, a trait seen everyday in golf. Throughout American history, tradition has been important, thus golf equipment has changed but always retains it key qualities. Finding the easiest and most efficient way to do something is also a major theme in American history. Through the changes made to the types of metals used in golf clubs. Also the changes to the golf…show more content…
Soon artisans figured out that if they made the clubs out of tougher wood, it made it much easier to play and to maintain equipment. Beech wood, holly wood, and apple wood became the fan favorites for making clubs (World). With the new style of clubs came a new set of challenges. The more mass a club has, the more force is needed to swing the club (chevronstemzone). Mass is often confused with weight. They are not the same. Mass is defined as being the, “the property of matter that measures its resistance to acceleration” by On the other hand defines weight as being, “the force that gravitation exerts upon a body”. Mass is essential to a golf club in all aspects. The more mass a club has, the more force the user will be able to exert with the club (chevronstemzone). Even in today’s clubs, mass remains a key focus of designers. Since wooden clubs, a lot has been learned about the best way to make a golf club. Today it is known that it is better to have mass spread out among a club, offering more forgiveness. Priory it was thought that a club with a large center of mass was more effective (chevronstemzone). The thought process made sense at the time. The idea was that if the player could get a lot of mass right behind the ball, the ball would fly much farther (chevronstemzone). Now, it is thought to be that if the mass is more spread out over the face of the club, the club will offer
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