America's High Tech Sweatshops

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The topic I chose to research and present my findings upon is high-tech sweatshops that are peppered around the United States. I based my topic off of an article from BusinessWeek Online titled “America’s High-Tech Sweatshops” written by Steve Hamm and Moira Herbst. This topic sparked my interest because I did not know such activities transpired in the United States of America. I feel this article shines a light on an issue the American people are not aware of and something American businesses either are not aware or do not care to be aware of something so unjust. The main issue discussed in this article is how small tech companies in America are committing fraud and violating U.S. law when it comes to visas for foreign workers and…show more content…
There are many layers in between the large and small company; and it is never clear who is working for the outsourced company and their situation. Law enforcement has been known to miss these small companies doing illegal activity because they are so small. There is not enough man power to research and catch all the small tech companies in the act of visa violation (Hamm, and Herbst). The government needs to be more aware of this problem and make a greater effort to investigate any tip about an illegal operation. Many U.S. tech workers have an issue with the outsourcing of foreign workers. They believe this action lowers their income and creates a clear passageway for taking jobs to different countries. In the end, many U.S. tech workers have lost their jobs because of this situation. On the other side, the tech service companies feel they are being over scrutinized for U.S. job loss and contend that they are only trying to appease their client’s wants and desires (Hamm, and Herbst). It is unfair that U.S. workers lose their jobs and honest foreign workers never get a chance to work. Overall, the U.S. tech workers and the foreign workers coming to America under false pretenses both lose in the end. This situation is unjust and must be squelched immediately. It is not fair that a company can advertise a job to qualified overseas workers, and offer to provide an H-1B visa, but their only
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