America's History Founded on the Bible: Investigating America’s Relationship with the Bible throughout Time

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Introduction: Brief History of the Bible
The first piece that contributes to the bible can said to be the Ten Commandments which were made around 1400 BC. New and Old Testaments start arising in the late BC and beginning of AD. Around 1455 AD is when the first bible is massed produced and it is written in Latin. The first fully produced bible in English is in 1535 AD. These bible were not Authorized for public use until 1539 when “The Great Bible” is produced.
The translations of the bible have been derived from actual manuscripts. Different translations depend on how the scholar takes in a sentence of word. Translations come from original languages of the bible such as Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek.
Bibles in the Colonies
The first bible to be taken across the Atlantic was in the 1600’s called the Geneva Bible. Printing of the first bible was John Eliot’s Algonquin Indian Language Bible. In the next century no other bible would be produced. Late in the colonial history of America the first English language bible is printed at the exact date of 1782. Bibles were available in the colonies but they were being exported from England. Demands for bibles in America were high. England had an import-embargo on colonies which were rebellious due to revolutionary war.
Americans Leaders and the Bible
Our founding father spoke of God and were apart of certain groups which promoted religious beliefs or the bible in society or government. George Washington has said many quotes one of which
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