America's History of Failed Attempts at Intervening with Foreign Governments

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The United States has a very long history of intervening within other countries, whether it is for political reasons or otherwise. U.S. intervention started along with the establishment of the United States. This long history still continues strong up until today. Although the U.S. often intervenes, the justified reasons for these interventions are often very unclear, but there are a few repeating trends. First, the idea that it is America’s responsibility to spread democracy to developing nations is a very repeated tendency. The goal of these interventions is to set up an American style government, whether the country likes it or not. The second ideal is to bring freedom and safety to the civilian population of the intervened…show more content…
It is interesting that although Batista was a very harsh ruler, he was fully supported by the U.S. government. The United States often preaches their mission is to help the people of the world. In this case they were doing the complete opposite. By supporting Batista, they were supporting Cuban oppression. While this was happening a new face appeared on the Cuban political radar. Fidel Castro was planning his revolution. Castro had slowly been gaining supporters throughout Batista’s rule. Many of these supporters were average peasants who were greatly opposed to Batista’s repressive policies. In 1959 Batista fled and Castro took power. At first, the U.S. was not bothered, it seemed like Fidel Castro was setting up a democracy, but soon this was not so. Castro attempted to end all ties with the U.S. and began to set up a Soviet style government. This most likely made the U.S. government very worried. Now a country in the western hemisphere; just 90 miles away from Florida had made connections with the Soviet Union. The U.S. was bound to do something. In 1961 the Bay of Pigs Invasion was carried out. This U.S. military attempt at overthrowing Castro’s government was planned during the Eisenhower administration and executed during Kennedy’s presidency. The plan was a complete failure, and the Cuban exiles were greatly defeated by Castro’s army. The only reason the plan was carried out by Kennedy was because if it were not, there would be a

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