America’s Influence over Israel Essay

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A place where America’s influence over Israel is clearly visible is Iran. The leader of Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, publicly and frequently calls for the destruction of Israel. Iran is also a sponsor of Hizballah, which is recognized by both Israel and the United States Department of States as a terrorist organization. Hizaballah is the organization responsible for kidnapping and killing the Israeli soldiers that led to the Lebanese war cited above. Iran is also accused of having a major role in the terrorists’ attacks against the U.S. such as those terrorist groups in Iraq who frequently kill U.S. soldiers. According to Israeli intelligence, Iran has the technical capability to build a bomb, but they do not yet have the necessary …show more content…
in 2010 announced unilateral sanctions against Iran freezing the assets of Revolutionary Guard members. Three rounds of sanctions that Iran routinely ignored followed by a promise by the Obama administration and that if their next round of sanctions don't work to embargo the refined oil to the not have enough refining capacity is suddenly cannot get any gas you could create a crisis of a rather large variety in that country Iranian response has been to threaten closing shipping traffic through the Strait of Hormuz, this would cause probably instant military as it would be incredibly damaging the world oil markets considering the world economy runs on oil this would have the effect of angering every nation even China and Russia like the Iranians the way the sanctions would work The legislation would impose sanctions on any company that sold or delivered gasoline to Iran, cutting it off from selling to the United States government and seeking to freeze its financing or shipping insurance. Another issue that may prevent us from actually doing this is that Iran currently suffering from a severe amount of internal chaos given President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad essentially stole his election would have been great widespread protests and riots in that country one problem with engaging sanctions like this is that it may allow the Iranian president to shift focus from his problem with legitimacy of governance to blaming the West for the country's problems and you'll
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