America´s Involvement in Foreign Affairs and War

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1. Majority of the presidents before Theodore Roosevelt had no interest at all in foreign affairs until after the World War I. President Theodore Roosevelt and other presidents made foreign affairs more captivating than before. Roosevelt strongly believed in the worth and significance of Americans power and the usage of the power, but he had different ways of using the power. Roosevelt also believed that there was a great advantage in foreign affairs that would cause economic development and growing industrialist society. He believed that he had the right, the power, and that it was his duty to intervene in the affairs to make sure that there was order and stability.

2. For many years since the 1870s, majority of the leading countries in Europe had been causing tension and conflicts with one another. During this time period, Germany had gained the largest power compared to France. France had been preparing for war just in case Germany decided to attack France. Many other countries feared Germany and its power over the continent, Russia hoped to ally itself with France, Great Britain and even Germany to guarantee its protection. A deadly war broke out in 1914, a war in which European powers had tried to avoid for the longest time. Some Americans felt bad for Germany, Wilson and other Americans on the other hand sided with Britain. Wilson himself sided with England, a country he admired greatly, and England’s allies. Not many Americans wanted the United States to enter the
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