America's Military Veterans And Denying Aid

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America has both a long history of providing aid to their military veterans and denying aid to its veterans. According to the US Department of Veteran Affairs the” roots of the program trace back to 1636, when the Pilgrims of Plymouth County were at war with the Pequot Indians” (US DEPT). A law was passed by the Pilgrims stating that disabled soldiers would be supported by the colony. Later when the Continental Congress was looking for enlistees during the Revolutionary War they promised pensions to disabled soldiers. Of all of the soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War only a few thousand ever received their pensions. (CNN POLITICS). This was just the beginning of the troubled history of the Veterans Affairs Dept.…show more content…
One reason for this is due to the fact that many of these veterans reside in rural areas where it is difficult for them to obtain access to care due to limited resources and the need to travel large distances for care (Helseth).
Access to Healthcare for Rural Veterans A large number of veterans with service related injuries live in rural areas due to the fact that residents in rural communities are more likely to join military service then individuals from urban areas. 44% of recruits are from rural areas compared to 14% from urban (Gale). Due to the higher rate of rural individuals joining the military, there is a higher rate of rural veterans needing medical care after leaving the military. According to the VHA-ORH of the 22 million vets in the U.S, 5.3 million or 24% live in rural areas. 3.2 million of these rural vets are registered with the Veterans Affairs health care system, this accounts for 35% of total enrollees. Approximately 2.8 million VA patients are affected by a service related injury with 1,027,000 or 36% of them coming from rural areas. Many of the vets living in rural areas do not get the help they need and are entitled to due to barriers to healthcare with the main barrier being the distance to the nearest VHA facility. This can cause vets to seek more expensive care at non VA
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