America's Negative Challenges Essay

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Addiction. Obesity. Bigotry. Three words that carry such intensity, pain, and negativity able to stand alone without any support also, unfortunately, describe some of the negative characteristics of Americans, and my own family members, today. While I love my family unconditionally, certain members lead less than admirable lives exhibiting bad judgment, laziness, and narrow-mindedness. One would, ordinarily, be safe to assume that these characteristics no longer exist in such an advanced society that has fought for freedom and equality since its founding merely 300 years prior. One would also be wrong in that assumption since this is, unfortunately, not the case. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, illegal…show more content…
Further, fast food restaurants have also become the large cause of another adverse trend in America, obesity. While obesity has leveled off in the past year, USA Today reports 34.9% of Americans were obese in 2012, meaning thirty five pounds over the target weight for their height. Of these numbers, middle-aged African-American women ranked the highest with over 50% followed closely by Hispanics and Caucasians with Asians being the lowest at just over 11%. A sedentary lifestyle of playing video games, watching endless hours of television, or interacting with various social media networks via internet has also contributed to the increased numbers of obesity in America. Consumers spent over $20 billion in video game consoles, games, and accessories in 2012 according to the Entertainment Software Association. Another staggering report shows a 64% increase of social networking use among internet users within the last seven years (Brenner). Bigotry, racism, and prejudice may outwardly appear or sound different, though they all harbor resentment and abhorrence of another whether based on skin color, religious belief, and/or sexual preference. The 1860s saw abolition of slavery, mid-1900s gave an end to segregation, and 2004 gave same-sex couples in Massachusetts the right to marry. Although sounding great, “52 percent of non-Hispanic whites expressed anti-Hispanic
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