Essay on America’s New Look as an Urban Nation

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America’s New Look as an Urban Nation
When the United States was founded as a nation after the Revolutionary War it was largely agrarian in nature. Even when people lived in the village, that town was made up fewer that ten houses on average and only occasionally had other buildings such as a school, church, or small store. The people lived together for protection, and traveled out to their farm land everyday to till, plant and harvest. With the advent of the industrial revolution staring in the early part of the nineteenth century and then even more so with the information revolution of the 1960's onward people began moving away from the country and into the city because that was where they worked. There were enough farms to support the
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Two other problems with an urban society were; gathering enough drinking water for the increasing populous and disposing of waste. When Europe started to urbanize, they did not realize the need for the latter and they had plagues that swept through their filthy cities. When they had learned the lesson and provided adequate sewage disposal. Transportation of goods could come into a city and be distributed to building sites. Therefore, railways and roadbeds that could handle the traffic were needed. Also, people who live closer together tend to be increasingly lawless. To maintain order, a police force had to be maintained. This public service was accompanied by the need for a fire department and public utility workers that were not as needed in the country.
When people move into a city there is going to be a division of labor that will eventually evolve into a class structure. In the United States the Constitution was set up in Europe and other places around the world. However, there will always be the gentried business owners, the middle class merchants, the lower class factory workers and the poor. These four distinct groups seem to form due to natural causes. It becomes class when it is difficult to move between the economic levels. In the United States, people were able to move between the different classes if they chose, but it continued to be a difficult change. The classes in the US were not developed
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