America´s Options with World War II

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Prior to America entering World War Two they were faced with multiple options to aid the struggling allies and the persecuted Jews. The most prominent option was the allotting of a higher immigration rate for the Jewish people fleeing Europe, another option they were presented with was a total boycott of Germany, the final option was an entrance into the war which after just exiting World War One the American People were rigidly opposed to war . These actions, especially the allotting of higher immigration would have provided enormous aid to the Jews fleeing from ever increasing forms of persecution. Even being provided with information of the Jewish persecution he American nation was divided as to what actions, if any, should take place. Groups such as the NAACP pushed strongly for the boycott of Germany where as the American Jewish Committee strongly advised against it; figureheads such as President Roosevelt were for war while men such as Charles Lindberg were against it. Given this great division among the American people, a general lack or distrust of information, and embedded anti-Semitism in America, I find that the America had done all that it could to aid the persecuted Jewish population
The first thing that must be discussed is the ever-worsening persecution of the Jews, even before 1935 tensions between Germany and the Jewish population were prevalent, harkening back to the Weimar Republic and the blame being placed on the Jewish population for the surrender of
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