America's Political Landscape : Senator Ted Cruz

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After announcing his presidential bid almost, a year ago, Texas Senator Ted Cruz predictably wasted little time in mobilizing a relentless campaign effort to win the Iowa Caucus. He spent millions of dollars on advertisements, hosted town halls in each of the state’s ninety-nine counties, and crucially secured several high-profile endorsements, eventually culminating in an impressive, improbable upset win on February 1st. Later that evening, following official confirmation of his first-place finish, as well as unofficial proclamations of his frontrunner status, Cruz gave an impassioned thirty-minute victory speech to his campaign volunteers at his headquarters in Des Moines. A skilled orator, he triumphantly expounds how his success in Iowa will have an entire panoply of enduring, far-reaching effects on the country’s political landscape. On a more subtle level, the speech is filled with a variety of deftly crafted rhetorical appeals, to which Cruz presents the country’s undecided voters watching on television in an organized and compelling fashion. Thus, Cruz realized he had two distinct audiences—on one hand, he was addressing hundreds of his most dedicated supporters, who were diffuse with fresh energy from a decisive win, eagerly cheering after every line; on the other hand, Cruz was speaking to the millions of Americans, mostly Republican, watching the televised coverage of his victory—audiences for whom he had markedly different messages. With this in mind, Cruz…

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