America's Push For Success

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In our culture there 's a push for health and wellness and countless Americans are moving at such a rapid pace it is difficult to obtain a healthy lifestyle. With society’s push for success, it can shift our attention towards other priorities and neglect things like our diets. Our basic source of fuels comes from oxygen, water, and food. A great deal of convenient foods that are available tend to be loaded with added sugars. With our ever going lives, we gravitate towards effortlessness. Prepackaged foods for sale in grocery stores, fast food chains and restaurants are quick and cheap. Trying to maintain a healthy diet can be time consuming and expensive. Junk food vendors conveniently line the walls of workplaces, airports, shopping malls, and even schools. Our saturated environment offers sugary processed foods, easily available which poses a challenge for us to eat healthy and affordable options.(
Added sugar to foods should come with warning labels so Americans are better informed about the dangers of sugars in our foods, without compromising our freedom. The old saying that “we are what we eat.” If Americans eat unhealthy Americans will be unhealthy. Conversely, identifying hidden sugars in our diets can be difficult as many labels may not directly indicate ingredients with layman 's terms. An article in, Sugar, says, “sugar has over 60 different names on food labels.” Consequently, this would require the need for a translator to tell you…

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