America's Rise In America After The Cold War

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After World War II it was obvious that the Americans were filled with many fears resulting from all the threats from the Soviets also known as the Cold War. These fears include the probability that the Cold War would escalate into a nuclear war that could in part result to the second fear which is the overpowerment of communism. It was clear to many Americans that Eisenhower was doing all that he could do to prevent a nuclear war and the spread of communism but his efforts ended up being a little below successful.

The Americans began to distrust and dislike the Soviet as soon as they accepted communism. Then the Soviet started spreading communism throughout Asia, which sparked great fear in the Americans because the Soviet is so powerful and their massive spread of communism completely threatened their way of life. Terror rose in America because it was obvious that the Soviet could overpower them and convert them into communism, therefore overturning their foundation of Democracy. As seen in document B America made it utterly clear that they do not support communism at all and would take action to keep it away from the free country. To keep Americans calm Eisenhower tried to prove that communism would not overpower democracy, but he ended up actually causing more
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In terms of the possibility of a nuclear war occurring during the Cold War, Eisenhower successfully kept the civilians calm and level headed. This is mainly because the United States are knowledgeable of atomic bombs and that they share equal military technology as the Soviet. In addition, it seemed that the United States always pulled through when it came to missile programs than any other issue, as seen in the picture in document F. Whereas, the lack of civilian services caused a failure to keep the fear of communism seeping through
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