America's Security And National Disaster Relief Missions

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The company I’ve chosen to analyze is one with rich history in the eastern portion of Virginia. I’ve changed the name for anonymity’s sake but the information provided is based on the organization’s real strategic incentives and activities. JR Maintenance Group also known as “The Group” is one of the oldest Federal companies of its type that is still in business today (MARAD, n.d.). The activities of this company can be traced as far back as World War I (MARAD, n.d.). In its prime this organization was responsible for the maintenance and repair of approximately 800 items of equipment (MARAD, n.d.). Today, the company inventory has been reduced significantly to fewer than 35 pieces of equipment. Although the amount of inventory has changed the mission to “provide ready, reliable safe and efficient transportation in support of the nation’s security and national disaster relief missions is still the same,” (). The daily operations at the JR Maintenance Group cover a wide variety of functions to include administrative, management, logistics support, maintenance, training, environmental, and safety. I currently work as the program support assistant for this organization and my position within this company has exposed me to a broad range of activities and functions over the past few years. With that knowledge, the input of company management and Internet research it is my intent to discuss how human resource (HR) functions are used within the company, and provide an analysis of
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