Essay about Americas Segregation

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America Segregation how has it been affecting the society of Americans for so long? Well according to American Apartheid there just hasn’t been enough time for the 1960s civil rights laws to work themselves out. How long will this take, and will it ever just work itself out? Why are there ghettos and how did they come about. Why are most ghettos in towns and cities in parts that are usually run down? Well if we can remember back in time when immigrants started to enter the United States the different cultures established in the same neighborhoods and communities. Why did they do this? Because they were around people that made them comfortable they were around their cultures and communities that they were accustomed to. They were around a…show more content…
Education is a major factor and maybe the biggest denying one of an education will make it very difficult for one to ever exit poverty and become self sufficient. The elites mostly whites were threatened by the black community they feared that they (African Americans) if educated would start some kind of social uprising and destroy American communities. Elites had denied a quality education to minorities in the following ways. By not giving them quality atmospheres to learn in. i.e. Buildings, teachers and materials such as books and school supplies. Blacks were forced to stay in the old run down school systems in the cities while the whites were in new buildings in the suburbs. Without a proper environment and with limited resources blacks and minorities couldn’t go to school they had to work and make money at low-end job to help their families scrape by. Without a proper education blacks and minorities had no way to fight back and that’s exactly what the elites wanted. They (elites) wanted uneducated minorities that were more interested in getting by then to be able to fight with them to get their piece of the pie. Racism has been around since the beginning of time and still exists. Racism is a major role in keeping poor minorities and blacks in the ghettos for a simple reason N.I.M.B.Y.. I don’t want to live in a rundown neighborhood and I don’t want to have a nice house and next to it is a trailer park that is rundown and has
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