America's Serious Problem of Child Abuse

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"There have been widespread reports of infanticide, mutilation, abandonment, and other forms of physical and sexual violence against children" (Moylan, 2010). When a child is abused, a non-accidental injury is inflicted, or permitted to be imparted, by the person accountable for the child's care, regardless of reason (Durfour, 2011). This may include any form of injury, including undernourishment, sexual molestation, emotional maltreatment, cruel punishment or deprivation of necessities (Holt, 2011). According to the World Health Organization, there were an estimated 27,000 child victims of homicide in the year 2009. Many child deaths, however, are not routinely investigated or autopsied, making it difficult to know the true extent of the problem. Deaths are the only the aftermath that the public becomes aware of when it is too late to help, while there are millions of children who are victims of non-fatal abuse and neglect. "In some studies, between one quarter and one half of children in the United States report severe and frequent physical abuse, including being beaten, kicked or tied up by parents" (Renner, 2012). Data recorded by the World Health Organization suggests that about 20 percent of women and 5-10 percent of men suffered sexual abuse as children. Physical abuse, sexual abuse or neglect depends mostly on the child's age and sex. Younger children are most at risk for physical abuse, while the…

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