America's Unjust Drug War Essay

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The argument over drug reform and the current prohibition has been going on for years. It seems to be an argument between a wise parent and a young teenager, but as generations change more and more of the parents seem to switch sides. While prohibitionists say the mainstream drugs like cocaine, heroin, LSD, and marijuana are harmful and immoral, legalizers argue the opposite (Rachels 223). While they are both valid and interesting arguments the drugs named above still remain illegal. Many organizations and respected citizens have come to America’s attention in their support for drug reform or complete legalization of certain drugs. These people range from normal citizens who support the recreational use of marijuana to judges and ex- law …show more content…
Some prohibitionists just believe that drugs are immoral. An extremely outspoken opponent of decriminalizing drugs is William J. Bennett who said, “Law enforcement is not a political option or a policy question; it is a moral imperative” (Gottfried 76). Prohibitionists also believe if drugs were made legal they would be cheaper and more readily available and they are afraid that children could be at risk (Gottfried 77).

Citizens who are for the reform of marijuana or any drug have obvious opposite feelings towards the previous statements. First of all citizens for drug reform state that although marijuana causes adverse health effects so do many other activities that are perfectly legal. Should the government outlaw alcohol, tobacco, and having unprotected and promiscuous sex (Rachels 224)? Also, the claim that drugs cause harm to family and friends can be rebutted with the fact that people are harmful to family and friends without the influence of drugs (Rachels 228-229). Alcohol is a completely legal drug and many people are killed in car accidents involving drunk drivers, yet alcohol is still not outlawed. In no way am I condoning driving under the influence, but it is a thought provoking argument. A great argument made by supporters of drug reform is a question posed by Michael Huemer. He says “is it unjust for the state to punish people without having a good reason for doing so?” (Rachels 229). With valid
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