America's Violence Fixation Essay

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America's Violence Fixation

One of America's biggest problems today is violence. It is happening everywhere, in the households, out on the streets, even in our schools. When we watch the news and see these acts of violence, we hear the blame be put to one thing: entertainment. Movies and video games are supposedly causing young people to behave aggressively in society, and maybe even compelling them to kill. Some even believe that video rental stores should have policies, such as always requiring an ID, and that some TV programs, movies, and games glorify guns and violence, as well as the guns themselves
( True, some films do portray murder and violence as justifiable; films such as Blade, in which
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My parents were watching it, and I was sat down and spoke to about how it was not real, as if I could not distinguish fiction from reality at age 18. I had also planned to have some friends over the following day, who happened to be a year younger than I. After seeing this on television, my parents, who had initially permitted me to have company, had assumed that the reason that I had invited friends over was to play this game. After seeing this on television, they then said that I could not have anyone come over. One thing that I recall on the program that morning was that a columnist for the Washington Post, Mike Wilbon, said that those who created the game should be stoned to death. This man is basically saying that violence can be ended with violence. Would that not mean that more violence would be spawned? If he is thinks that the people who made it are evil, and that they should be silenced by being stoned to death, what does that make him? What makes him think that the violence would be stopped right there? I think that if there is anything that the media is accomplishing anything, they are programming people to think things that are not even proven true. I wonder whether or not my parents would have said anything had they not seen that program that morning. I think that the media blames movies and video games because it is the easy way out. Granted it may
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