America's War on Drugs - The Prison Industrial Complex Essay

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After viewing the documentary: America's War on Drugs - The Prison Industrial Complex, it is clear that the Criminal Justice System is in desperate need of reconstruction and repair with policies such as the mandatory minimum sentencing act which has proven to be unsuccessful and unjust in its efforts to deter 'criminals from committing illegal acts' as seen with the increase of incarcerations of the American people and the devastating effect it has had on those in prison and the family members of those incarcerated.
With Canada's Prime Minister Stephan Harper and his Conservative approach to follow in our bordering neighbors foot sets with the Safe Streets and Communities Act, and his 'get tough on crime' approach Canadian's are entering dangerous territory.
America government is now warning the Canadian people that these harsher and more punitive laws against the war on drugs will only cause greater damage to both the individuals being incarcerated and to those in the general public as tax payers.
This documentary highlighted the devastating consequences that these mandatory minimum sentencing’s can have on people such as in the case of Kemba Smith and Johnny Patillo, two first time offenders who were charged under the mandatory minimum sentencing’s. Johnny Patillo sentenced to serve 10 years and Kemba Smith sentenced to serve 24.5 years, these individuals were no different than your average citizen who got caught in the fire of these barbaric laws and individuals…

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