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Chapter 1. In 1587 Eleanor Dare started a history of first New England’s female settlers. In XVI-XVII century it was characterized more with dismal end then with a story of prosperous life and happy ending. Coming to New World mostly in search for a good partner, as “tobacco brides” or being simply deported as undesirable citizens, women died from starvation, malaria or Indian attacks. Some women sailed across the ocean as indentured servants and suffered from the cruelty of their masters. There were, of course, stories of success such as with the Brent sisters. Unmarried, they ran Maryland colony during crises. Margaret Brent became to be known as the nation’s first lawyer and the first colonial woman who demanded the right to vote.…show more content…
With the beginning of Revolutionary War, women’s cooperation became critical. They were expected to produce goods that couldn’t be brought from overseas; they were engaged in the war in both the feminine (boycotts) and aggressive ways (fighting along with soldiers). Nonetheless, in 1806 due to reformation of the law women lost their right to vote for the next century. Chapter 5. Education among women began to spread in the first half of the XIX century when it became their responsibility to raise future citizens and support themselves. Women entered public schools and became teachers, doctors, ministers and journalists. Sarah Josepha Hale, the editor of Godey’s Lady’s Book, popularized the image of women as spiritual supporters of their husbands, rather that financial. Women were said to belong at home, not outside, which was a dirty and dangerous place. Emergence of female writers desperate for money was a phenomenon of XIX century. The famous works include The American Frugal Housewife, A Treatise on Domestic Economy, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, St. Elmo. Women’s literature was considered awful. The century has seen such remarkable characters as Dorothea Dix, who helped women in jails, Margaret Fuller, who advocated that women could pursue any career they want and Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female doctor in the US. There were only few respectable careers for women that could make them living, including teachers and millwork.

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