Amerie's Phonemic Awareness

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Amerie brings an excitement for life that has been a very welcome addition to our classroom. She always comes into class with a story or something going on in her life that she can’t wait to talk about. She brings that same level of enthusiasm to being a learner. No matter what we are doing or where she is Amerie conducts herself with consistency and tries to be the most great hearted scholar she can. She takes great pride in being “best desk” with her shoulder partner. Amerie has mastered our first 26 phonograms orally and in writing. She has good fluency and accuracy of our phonograms. She has correct letter formation but more practice will help to improve consistency of letter size. Her mastery of the phonograms allowed her to transition well into phonogram recognition in words. Phonemic Awareness is the building block for reading and she has a solid foundation for that. First sounds and rhyming words are also areas she excels in. In literature, Amerie shows sense of wonder and depth of inquiry. She gets invested in our stories and she asks questions that lead to a deeper understanding. She is participatory in our first, next and last discussions of stories and fables and draw pictures to show that…show more content…
She is a great hearted scholar who consistently shows responsibility, integrity, citizenship and friendship. She shows both responsibility and integrity in the way that she follows directions. She does it both when she is prompted to and also when it is part of our routine and she isn’t directly prompted to. She displays citizenship in her respect for our campus, our room and her classmates. She displays friendship in the way that she came into a class after relationships had already began to take form and made herself available as a friend. The only virtue we have struggled with on occasion is honesty. Amerie is a joy to have in class and truly helps to build the fabric of our
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