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What are the major technical, organizational and managerial challenges in the implementation of HRIS (Human Resources Information System)? In terms of the organization, the main challenge is going to lie in the incorporation of the HRIS at an organization wide level. The system must be standardized and applicable so employees in all locations are more willing to shift from predecessor systems with less resistance. This shift also presents a different strain on HR staff as the system redefines their functional roles which will need to be addressed and planned for during system implementation. In terms of technology, the implementation of a new system will require new supporting systems such as computers and servers to serve the 73,000…show more content…
What are the major obstacles to success of this project Major obstacles to the success of the project stem from cultural differences for those utilizing the system, the size of the project for IT undertaking, and HR role definitions. Cultural differences can present issues seeing as this company spans multiple countries. What may be acceptable in one, may not be as accepted in another which could halt successful adoption. IT undertaking of the large project may introduce difficulties in making a working system which is key to the success of this project. HR roles will change and the definition of the jobs may affect how the HR system functions after system implementation. How should this implementation project have been formulated and managed to overcome each of these obstacles? Planning, although overrated, must be conducted to provide a basic outline of the project goals, timeline and risks that could be present in going forth with this installation. Most notably, a risk assessment plan should be generated to deal with a project of this size so that the correct amount of contingency can be set aside as problems will occur. Resistance to the change in human resource systems are inevitable as different predecessor systems exist, but involvement of all stakeholders early on can help to clearly define project goals, minimize cultural barriers by creating a

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