Amex Hungary

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AMEX, Hungary

Michael Thomas worked for AMEX Petroleum and jumped into an opportunity to set-up business operations in central Hungary. "His main goal is to established 10-14 gas stations in the region by purchasing existing stations, building new ones, or negotiating franchise arrangements with existing owners of stations" (Larson, & Gray, 2011 p. 560). He took this opportunity hoping that this will boost his career plus his mother being Hungarian he has the command of the language but didn 't realize what he was getting into. He is faced with a variety of challenges such as high employee turnover, high percentage of unemployment with a large number of unmotivated burned out workers and bureaucracy in the public
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Thomas needs to lead by example keep focus on the goals and objectives of the project he is set out to accomplish.

* The first thing that Michael Thomas needs to do is to go back and review the vision and mission of this project. Once he has a clear plan it might be a good idea to put in a visual format such a flowchart with time frame and names of people involved in each project stage. Present this idea with his staff with enthusiasm and get everyone excited about the new vision. He needs to reiterate that respect, discipline, professionalism, responsibility and accountability are expected from everyone. * Employee training is very important. It will improve skills, improve motivation and generate individual leaders and contributors to the project. Communications should flow effortlessly from amongst peers and other departments or division. This can also be improved through regular meetings updates or lunch and learn activities and make it fun for everyone. * Prospecting can also be improved and at the same improve understanding the culture by venturing out and participate in worthwhile programs out in the community. This can be done by sponsorship with the Embassy, the local business groups and schools. By establishing and nurturing relationship in the community AMEX will have a positive impact and perception on local business owners and these would be improve the chances of attracting prospects
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