Essay on Amg/Forsythe: Lease vs. Buy

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AMG/Forsythe: Lease vs. Buy AMG Inc, a Fortune 500 financial services company, is implementing 7,542 new PCs in the time frame of twelve months in multiple locations covering eight states. This is a $7.5 million technology financing decision which needs to be investigated. The current decision that Adam Stolz, controller for the CFO, faces is whether AMG should lease or buy the new PCs. Also, he is under pressure from the CEO to keep the transaction off of the balance sheet, in which case the equipment/software would have to be defined as an operating lease, according to the standards defined in FAS 13. The lease options consist of a 24-month lease or a 36-month lease, and AMG could also choose to purchase the computers for the same…show more content…
It is important to note the large discrepancy in AMG’s and Forsythe’s estimates of the book value of hardware. Based on Forsythe’s 10.1% equity insertion rate, they are estimating the salvage value to be $87.10/unit, versus AMG’s $150 estimate. It is possible Forsythe has inflated this estimate to increase the lease payments, that AMG is overestimating the value, or a combination of both. If we calculate the NPV of the 24 month buying option by using Forsythe’s equity insertion rate as the salvage value, there is an NPV of $(5,217,043), making this option even less attractive. The option to buy for 36 months follows the same logic with one exception. In this case, the hardware is no longer estimated to have a $150/unit salvage value. Instead, it is estimated that 20% of the computers can be sold to AMG employees for $50/unit. According to EPA regulations, the other 80% must be disposed of at a cost of $50. With this in mind, the NPV of cash flows for the 36 month buying option is $(5,687,735). To compare this to the 24 month buying option, the equivalent annual cost was calculated for both scenarios. The 24 month option has an EAC of $(3,063,455) and the 36 month option has an EAC of $(2,491,097), making the 36-month option the obvious choice. In order to determine if leasing the hardware and software for 24 months would be beneficial, we first calculated the NPV and EAC for two different scenarios. The first scenario consists of computing the NPV and EAC of
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