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KEY: ABE Lab 1: Prelab: Page A17, Questions 1 and 2: 1. What does the term genetic disease mean? What examples of generic diseases do you know about? A genetic disease is a disease caused by an absent of defective gene in the DNA. Students may know of sickle cell anemia, which is a disease resulting from defective red blood cells; treatment of sickle cell anemia focuses primarily on relieving pain and controlling infections and other complications that may occur. 2. Adding human DNA to bacteria makes it possible to make human insulin. What do you already know about DNA? Be as detailed as possible and discuss the location of DNA in the cell, DNA structure, the replication of DNA, and the components of DNA. Location of DNA in the…show more content…
Page A19, Question 1: 1. Why do you think it is necessary to use very small and exact volumes of reagents in biotechnology? In this field you would use very small amounts of the reagents and the correct measurements of reagent amounts is necessary for procedures to be successful. Page A25, Questions 1 and 2: 1. In what circumstances might it be important to use gel electrophoresis to separate and identify plasmids and short linear pieces of DNA? This would be important if you are making a recombinant plasmid and have to verify that you have been successful. 2. Read through the Methods section on page A-26 through A-29 [of the Student Guide] and briefly outline the steps for Part A and for Part B, using words and a flowchart. Laboratory 1.2, Part A Flowchart Laboratory 1.2, Part B Flowchart Page A30, Questions 1 and 2: 1. What is the importance of micropipettes and gel electrophoresis in the genetic engineering process? Micropipettes are used to transfer very small and exact volumes of reagents and gel electrophoresis is used to separate and identify plasmids and short linear pieces of DNA 2. During the labs, you were often reminded to avoid contact with the pipette tips- for example, you were asked to put the pipette tip on without using your hands, to avoid setting gown the micropipette, to use the ejector button to remove the tip, and to keep the tip box closed. If you were working with plasmids and bacterial

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