Amin In Uganda Research Paper

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Idi Amin rose to power in 1971 through a violent military coup. Amin and his army successfully overthrew Uganda’s former president Milton Obote with the foreign aid from both the British and Israeli Government. From the British Amin received aid through large amounts of money being sent to his personal bank account and from the Israelis he received arms. Amin’s success at gaining and holding power was largely based on foreign assistance. “Amin's regime survived as long as it did in part because it always found one or another imperialist power to patronise it” (Fall of Idi Amin 1). Alone, Amin would never of had enough resources or internal support to retain power because of both external and internal resistance. This resistance came from the…show more content…
This global awareness caused other Ugandan allies to reevaluate their friendly relationships with Uganda. Israel’s interest in Uganda was sparked from Israel’s feud with Muslim countries. Uganda shares a border with the southern part of Sudan. Israel was interested in aiding the Southern Sudanese rebels with arms to help them fight the Muslims in Sudan. Israel had bad relations with Obote so they were drawn to Amin. “It is doubtful that Amin without the urging of the Israel, would have staged a successful coup” (Barter 42). Israel was a major aid in the beginning of the rule of Amin. As Amin progressed as the president of Uganda he became increasingly violent and ignorant. "Under Amin, if you learned that your brother had been taken away by the State Research Bureau death squads, you'd think, `That's too bad,' and then you'd forget it," remarked a Kampala businessman in Time in 1979” (Idi Amin Dada 1). Murder and imprisonment was the norm in Uganda. As this become more and more common, resistance started popping up all over Uganda despite Amins merciless tactics of dealing with ‘traitors’ as he referred to them. The brutal tactics caused Israel to be hesitant in aiding Amin publically. Israel's distance caused Amin, who was famous for his rash actions, to become angry and publically…show more content…
The economic embargo that was instituted as well as the negative perception around Amin caused Uganda to fail economically and to have no foreign powers want to help because they did not want to be seen as supporting a cruel leader. Amin’s brutal regime caused countries to look down at Uganda as a place that was uncivilized and that was not worth any ones time. Through all Amin’s missteps and failures his inability to run a successful country without foreign support was his biggest weakness. He was not able to have good relations with countries either because of rash decisions which offended those countries or because of bad public image led to a country to weak to sustain itself. Amin’s final attack on Tanzania was a failure and he was forced to leave Uganda and seek refuge in Saudi Arabia for the rest of his life. “In the span of eight years, Amin had devastated Uganda. The economy was in ruins, foreign trade had dried up, and the country had fallen into a state of lawlessness and brutality” (Idi Amin 1). The rule of Idi Amin was characterized by brutality and instability which caused foreign disputes eventually leading to his
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