Amir Abusing Power In The Kite Runner

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Amir abused his power by impishly teasing Hassan when he would read to him. Amir would ask Hassan what a complicated word meant yet would make fun of Hassan for not knowing the word because of his illiteracy. Another time that Amir abused his power is when he refuses to call Hassan his friend. There are multiple times in the book that Hassan is in danger, but Amir refuses to say what he truly is, a best friend. Amir takes Hassan for granted, and he always makes Hassan take the blame for things that Amir started. Amir suggests that he and Hassan vehemently throw walnuts at the dogs or reflect sunlight into people's houses using a mirror. If I was Hassan, I would feel indignant due to how Amir was treating me. Amir seems to quell their friendship
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