Amir And Baba Character Analysis

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Amir and Baba are moving to Pakistan, with a bunch of others, in an attempt to escape the Soviets. On the way to their destination they arrive at a checkpoint where a Soviet guard says they can only pass if he can have 30 minutes with a women. But Baba, speaking through an interpreter, says that they had already given what they needed to pass. When the officer raises his gun to shoot Baba another officer walks into the scene and abruptly stops him. In the next chapter Amir is now 18 and Amir and Baba have moved to the United States, where they have been living for the past 2 years. Amir soon graduates high school and tells Baba how he aspires to be a writer, to which Baba disapproves of this saying it would be hard to get noticed. Later in
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