Amir Doesn 't Call Hassan His Friend

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Amir didn’t call Hassan his friend, throughout the whole book, the main reason for this was that Hassan was a Hazara. The Hazaras are the second class and they must serve to the higher class, like Hassan does to Amir’s family. Instead of strengthen their friendship, he listens to the soldiers and school friends, who continually remind him that Hassan is a servant and that he is not equal to them. When Hassan and Amir where young children they were close friends but slowly things started to change. The afternoons Amir wasn’t at school he and Hassan, read him stories or flew kites, and they were like two brothers. But peer pressure and jealousy stopped Amir from seeing Hassan as a true friend. After Hassan was raped by Assef Amir could no…show more content…
Although Amir thinks his father, Baba, is angry at him for not living up to his family’s beliefs, Baba does not hate Amir. Baba just wants Amir to be a proud man, so Baba can relate to him and further extend their relationship, but Amir does not live up to his father’s specific expectations. When Baba sees that Amir is not growing up like he did he becomes disappointed in Amir. Baba does not agree with Amir’s love and passion for reading poetry and writing stories, because he believes it shows a lack of courage and this does help their relationship. Amir simply wants to make his father happy and try and live in his footsteps. In the book I believe this relationship is part of the reason why Amir didn’t help Hassan when he was being raped, because he wanted to please his father with the victory kite of the contest. If he were to help Hassan the kite would be taken by Assef, but in actual fact I believe Baba would be happier if he stood up for his friend rather than winning the tournament. Amir could have also left Hassan because he is jealous of his father and Hassan friendship.
Their relationship doesn’t flourish because Baba is still showing Hassan more attention than Amir. Amir realises this when Baba is concerned for Hassan and the way he is acting, clueless of confrontation Hassan had with Assef. Amir believed that being the winner of the Kite Running Tournament will make Baba love him more because he has used his talent, to become well known in the community.
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