Amir's Empathy

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The story’s development is really exciting and the story is very touching. (See note below) If you’d ask me to pick the most impressive character in the book, I’d pick Hassan. But if you ask me to pick the one who leads you to empathy, I’ll pick Amir without any hesitation. Of course, I reproached Amir a lot for his meanness towards Hassan and cowardice during reading. But, on the other hand, I felt pity for him and I empathize with him. If I were Amir, I think, maybe, I would act just like Amir. So I can’t hate Amir. Amir was thirsty for his father’s love. If his father had given Amir a little more attention and love, I think Amir could have spent a happier and more peaceful childhood and therefore, he would not have suffered from jealousy
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