Amis and Amilum: A True Friendship Essay

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Amis and Amilun are the sons of two barons who were alike in face, height, body, shape and behavior. They treated each other like brothers and were extremely close friends. They were knights at the count’s court and he loved them and honored them. Amis was made a cupbearer while Amilun was a administer justice. After two years Amilun’s father dies and he went to go to guard his lands before leaving he warned Amis to be careful of the seneschal for he was very envious of Amis. On Amilun’s departure the friends are very grief-stricken and they wept of sorrow. When the seneschal offered his friendship Amis declines replying that no one could replace Amilun and the seneschal is greatly angered by this. When Amilun arrives to his lands the…show more content…
He ignores it and marries her and he also reveals himself to Florie. Amilun returned to his land and switched back with Amis. Amis went back and received vast estates and power and became lord after the count’s death. Amilun skin began to become rough and repulsive and all the people shunned him even his wife except for a count’s son his relative named Owein who took care of him. Amilun’s wife was very annoyed and threw them out and chases them out of the town. They were so hungry and filled with hunger that when they entered the country where Amis dwelt that he sent his cup bearer to give leper unknowing that it is Amilun wine from his cup. Though he warned the bearer to bring the cup back because it was a prized possession given to him by Amilun and he would not sell nor give it away. When the cup bearer went to give the leper the wine he noticed that the other cup which he poured the wine into was exactly the same as that of Amis and went to tell his master. Amis almost killed Amilun unaware it was him and thought he was a thief when Owein revealed to Amis his identity he fell to the ground and cursed himself for not recognizing Amilun. They reconciled and Amis and his wife took care of Amilun’s every need. Eventually Amilun is cured by the blood of Ami’s children who are revived after being beheaded by their father. Amilun
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