Amish Community Essay

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The Amish community is globally known for their methods of simplistic lifestyle. They often refrain from engaging in worldly activities; most of which includes using social media and modern-day technology. However, there has been a recent incline of new and old Amish generations implementing the use of technology in their day to day lives. The younger generation often uses technology to keep up with current events and keep in contact with one another. In addition, most of the older Amish population uses technology to promote businesses and keep in touch with business contractors. Although these uses may seem minimal, they can have a large impact on the Amish community in the years to come. In particular, the presence of social media in the…show more content…
Computers implemented in the conservative Amish community can lead to many legal issues conflicting with cyber security and identity. For instance, some Amish may genuinely be unaware of the dangers of sending personal information to websites. Once personal information is submitted to a risky website any hacker can steal information such as numbers, street addresses, social security numbers, baking information, and etc. This will lead to the up rise of thousands of Amish civilians becoming victims to the crime of identity theft. Moreover, it may not occur to someone that is new to technology to download ad block and use a safe browser when surfing the web. Without having this readily available on a computer system, clicking on ads and not having dangerous pop up websites blocked can lead to a series of issues. Clicking on dangerous ads is a main way people receive viruses on their computers. Furthermore, computer viruses can also be linked to computer hackers and losing all personal information. Ultimate precaution must be made when Amish civilians bring more advanced technology into their society. Their inexperience with worldly inventions will implicate them to be more susceptible to these dangers of being a victim to criminal cyber activity. They will need to spend time dedicated to catching up with the mass culture that has incorporated computers into daily life since the first desktop that was developed in
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