Amish Cultural Research Paper

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Amish Cultural Research Paper Amish Cultural Research Paper Imagine living in a society where the members socialize exclusively with each other and not with the outside world. The men of this society dress conservatively in dark colors sporting clean-shave until married when they switch to beards. The women, wearing only full skirts, wear their hair up in a bun and covered with a simple white cap or bonnet. The community, called an ordnung, decides how the community will be run from state to state. The culture itself keeps an arms distance from technology because they believe that it weakens the structure of the family. Planting and sowing of the fields is done by using horse drawn machinery and very rarely does the hum of…show more content…
The old order Amish worship in individual homes compared to the New Order Amish. Old Amish send their children to elementary school but do not believe in them attending high school. The Old Order Amish are descendants of the colonial Amish who came to Lancaster and Berks counties Pennsylvania from 1738 to 1756 from Switzerland, Palatinate, Waldeck, Hesse- Cassel, Alsace, Bavaria, and Montbeliard ("Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online," 2012). New Order Amish This name was given to the Amish that branched off from the Old Order in the 1960s. The New Order Amish settlements are found exclusively in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Although they are very similar to the Old Order, they use new farming technologies like the tractor and include the use of telephones and electricity in their homes. The New Order Amish perform missions work abroad, prohibit the use of alcohol and tobacco, occasionally travel by airplane, have more elaborate buggies, hold formal Bible meetings, and a lower percentage of the New Order church youth join the church ("Amish America," 2010). On a humorous note, the New Order Amish lean toward a clean courtship between the youth breaking away from the Old Order tradition of bundling where a courting couple lay down together fully clothed
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