Amish Culture - Essay 2

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Rebels of society are often times considered deviate and choose not to adhere to society’s customs and norms. However, would one consider the Amish communities as rebellious? The Amish are a unique subculture of the United States that do not adopt customs, norms, and lifestyles of the broader society (Sternheimer, 2012). Just because they set themselves apart from social norms, does not make them deviate. The Amish is an old religious group that originated in Europe. In the sixteenth century, Jakob Ammann and other devoted followers broke away from the Anabaptists and establish themselves as the Amish. Due to a disagreement with the laws and order set by the Anabaptist, the Amish felt the need to set themselves apart. Largely, order of…show more content…
On the other hand, the husbands are known as the financial provider. Just as other cultures, these generalizations do not apply to all. Some cases, wives own business and is considered the bread winner and the husband works at home (Kraybill, Nolt, and Johnson-Weiner, 2012).
The roles of women can be very complex. Some women manage at home stores, but they almost never obtain a full time job—especially those with young children. Single women and women with adult children; however, may have a career in entrepreneurship. Mothers are active in nurturing the spiritual life of children and make decisions in child discipline. Whereas the father is responsible for religious matters related to church and the world outside of the Amish community.
Just as many other communities, men and women participate in different leisure. In main stream society, boys typically play football or baseball for fun, and girls typically play with doll and other domestic toys. Amish communities are very similar. The men tend to participate in hunting, fishing, archery, and mountain climbing. The women tend to enjoy singing and attending social events (Kraybill, Nolt, and Johnson-Weiner, 2012). In regards to the Amish beliefs and customs, they live faithfully by the Bible. Evident from the previous information given, their religion conducts every act of their life. “A strong sense of community regulates the rhythms of Amish life. One of the tenets of Amish faith is care and
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