Amish Culture - Essay

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Amish Culture Odel R. Ortega ANT 101 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Prof. Corinne Barker April 01, 2012 Amish Culture The Amish or Anabaptists date back to sixteenth-century Europe were they lived a life of turmoil due to their subsequent believes. The Amish’s primary mode of subsistence known as emerging agriculturalists, a method of cultivating soil, producing crops, raising and hording livestock. Traditional Amish culture revolve around agriculture, farm life is practiced and handed down through ancestry. The farming life style is extremely important to the Amish because not only is it their primary source of subsistence but it is also what it means to be an Amish. By working together in the field, the Amish work as a…show more content…
The thesis statement provides the focus and framework for the entire paper. | 0.75 | 0.65 | Student has effectively communicated the chosen 3 aspects of culture and their connection to the thesis through the creation of a formal outline. | 0.75 | 0.65 | Research Criteria | | | The paper has at least 3 additional reference resources, which are the combination of scholarly journal articles, ethnologies, or ethnographies. | 1 | 0.75 | Style Criteria | | | The paper contains an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, followed by an outline of supporting information, and is formatted according to APA; title & reference page | 0.75 | 0.75 | | Total | 3.8
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