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Life Style
The Amish live a different life style than we do. A lot of people misunderstand the way they live their life in rural communities. They think that the Amish live an old fashioned life and fear the real world. All they want to do is help their community every way they can. Each fellowship is broken down into districts where they live independently by rules their community agrees on. The rules consist of clothing requirements, color of buggies, household items, etc. There are around 200,000 members of the Amish in which come from more than 20 states. In fact, the Amish community has been growing. Every 20 years the population doubles.
Being born Amish means one has to stay Amish until he/she reach the age of 16.
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Technology is avoided because they want to keep their life unique.

Beliefs and Values
The Amish have a lot of beliefs and values. They follow the basic beliefs of Christian faith, focusing mainly on adult baptism, simplicity, community, and separation from everyone else. Amish are taught to be selfless and put Jesus and the community first, yourself last, and others in between. Obedience, humility, and simplicity are what the Amish express. If they disobey someone, it is considered dangerous to them. They take no pride in what they do because they don’t want to stick out to others. Their clothing, house décor, and architecture is very simple because once again, they don’t want to stand out.
Religion being practiced rather than being displayed is what the Amish believe in. They translate this into their daily life. According to them, God has an interest in their lives, families, and communities. God is the force that keeps families and communities so close to each other.
When a problem happens, solving it is a very easy way in the Amish life. Every conflict is solved peacefully. The law or violence will never be involved.
Keeping apart from the community is something the Amish value. They wear different clothing to be simple. No Amish member serves in the military because to them guns are used for only hunting. They also value their own education system. It is important for the Amish to maintain

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