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Amish Community
Jennie Ong

The Amish people are a community of individuals who hold their traditions of simple living, self-labor, and isolation very highly. Eastern parts of the United States as well as Canada are the most common areas where Amish communities are established. The group originated from Switzerland and received their name from their leader Jakob Ammann who, during the 18th century, led their immigration to Pennsylvania. Despite their customary values of seclusion, the Amish still experience the equal degrees of obstacles as any other organization may face. The Amish do not have the
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As mentioned earlier, Amish people value their manual labor and traditions but with society intruding it affects the ways of the Amish community’s agriculture. Farming is a significant part of the community and if non-Amish people continue to expand where these people cultivate, it minimizes the living space of the Amish people. Industrialization is one of most difficult problems that the Amish community faces.
AMISH COMMUNITY 5 The Amish people try to avoid bringing attention to themselves, and are extremely cautious with the dangers of arrogance and self-worth. Tourism among the communities has increased and threatens the humble values that the people hold close to their culture. Non-Amish people are just so fascinated in the plain apparel they wear and the manner in which they interact with each other. Furthermore, the Amish people are just viewed as an attraction for people and the privacy of the community is not respected. Tourists flood the Amish communities in the hopes to catch a brief glimpse of the families working or children playing. In addition to the invasion of personal privacy, the increase in tourism opens their children to the materialistic mainstream of outside society. If the children get a glimpse of how the outside world interacts they may not want to stay and become baptized, making the future Amish

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