Amistad Reflection

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on viewing of the movie Amistad it was clear and concise that there were many differences and similarities as of what in the reality actually happened during the time of African slavery many of the differences and the movie referred to the favoritism of Europeans or caucasian group, people that owned slaves, it also showed how the court system worked in favor of the slaves around the african history. Although the movie Amistad was referring to a real life time. When African men and women babies children head been abducted from their families and homes and were sold to different slave owners and were often beaten “within a inch of their lives” or regardless upon arrival of the slaves ship “ la amistad” regardless of age or sex.
Summary of movie: African slavery was brought overseas to different countries through the middle passage which was known
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And doing so Joseph acquired a nail that he have found in the chains to unlock the shackles from him and his people and a result of acquiring weapons out of a wooden crate after setting him and his people free with the nail that was dug from the chains, Joseph was able to conquer the ship killing all of the slave owners except two, which were the Jose Ruiz and pedro montes these two were the initial slave owners of the “La amistad” ship. The only reason the two men were left alive was to steer the ship back to Sierra Leone in other words home for the Africans but little the Africans know that the ship was only staring East for the daytime and Northwest for the night time. While making an attempt to head home numerous account occurred involving different ships passing by. While the ships would pass by the slaves with have to remain
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