Essay on Ammonium Security Act and the Sandy Recovery Act

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The United States was built on an agrarian system. The ability to grow crops helped create an economic backbone for the county. The use of fertilizer became a norm in farming and agriculture and was not considered a potentially harmful substance. Modern science in combination with the terrorist mind has looked at fertilizer as a weapon, particularly those containing ammonium nitrate. The Ammonium Nitrate Security Program shows how far the United States has progressed by regressing when the issue of terrorism is presented into the conversation. Terrorists are using readily available tools which can be purchased legally without knowledge of law enforcement personnel.
The Sandy Recovery Improvement Act of 2013 also reflected a commitment to times past as it contained an amendment to the Stafford Act. The amendment provided direct access to FEMA by federally recognized Native American tribes residing on reservations. The sovereignty gained to the judicial system has extended to times of need during a disaster or state of emergency. It allotted the Native American community a needed tool in efforts to maintain a minimal quality of life in the case of an emergency.
Ammonium Nitrate Security Program
Ammonium nitrate, on its own, is relatively harmless in regards to explosives. Ammonium Nitrate is a secondary explosive; it requires a primary explosive for detonation. It is able to burn without detonating and can withstand shock in which primary explosives are unable to do When…