Ammression And The Role Of Family Relationships In Aggression

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The Role of Family Relationships in Aggression Haylie Galvan Wichita State University Aggression is a critical concept in understanding social psychology. Many have defined aggression as a type of behavior that is used to purposely harm someone (Arndt, Greenberg, Landau, & Schmader, 2015). In a study conducted in 2016 regarding school crime and safety, it was reported by their principals that nearly 5% of the students have been experiencing moderate to severe discipline issues (Musu-Gilette, Zhang, Wang, Zhang, & Oudekerk, 2017). Since this behavior comes in two forms, verbal and physical, it can have an influence on a person’s psyche. The long-term consequences of experiencing and witnessing family violence have been seen to have an effect on how a person communicates and handle situations. Family life is a leading predictor in determining aggressive behavior. The interaction between family members does play a key part in the development of a child. Considering children do learn how to behave and react with their surrounding environment through imitation. Aggressive behavior can be influenced by family relationships that can have a lasting impact on adolescents. Domestic Violence has been a major contributor to the development of aggressive behavior in adolescents. When children are exposed to violence, it destroys the societal image of a lovable upbringing. It important to note that not only is the child observing the violence-taking place but the consequence of the person’s actions. They see how their peers react to these types of situations and learn what they believe to be right from wrong. Researchers have found that domestic violent relationships can have a correlation with parent-child relationships in nearly 40% of families (Slep & O'Leary, 2005). Considering unmanaged anger seems to be a common indicator in both types of relationships. Many have found that factors such as stress can have an effect on the parent's reaction to their child's behavior. Since children learn from observing the actions of their peers, a child can start demonstrating the same aggressive behaviors witnessed in their homes. Domestic violent relationships are not the only factor that plays a role in

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