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Emotional Alienation in Arundhati Roy’s GOD OF SMALL THINGS By R. Sherin Infantia S. Anugraha I. M.A. English , Holy Cross College Trichy Our society has created an identity for women since ancient days. Women are considered as an weaker sex and inferior to men. Though she plays a important role in her life, she is not found as an individual human being with all emotions and sufferings. She is supposed to live a life of dedication, surrendering and devotion. In Indian fiction, the women are modelled with the above qualities. Those qualities of women created a large impact on the Indian psyche and the expectation of society, and consciously or unconsciously…show more content…
The character of Ammu in the novel represents Mrs. Mary Roy, Arundhati Roy’s mother Ammu is a South Indian lady. She has married a Bengali man with Roy surname. Since Ammu and her husband belong to two different states, there is very much cultural difference between husband and wife. It results into several problems. Their marriage life is full of conflicts. Ammu is not happy at all. Her husband gives her a divorce. Then she is over burdened with the responsibility of bringing up two children. Ammu’s struggle for her dear children’s education and livelihood touches our hearts. –Chakravaty…show more content…
Her mother was very poor. But she studied in Delhi. She got scholarship and went to Italy. She got education after facing so many hardships. Actually speaking The God of Small Things was vividly etched on the vast canvas of memory, most of which cantered around Arundhati Roy’s childhood in a Kerala village. Chakravathy (3) Ammu the female protagonist of the novel is well known as the mother of the twin children Esthe and Rahel but it is important to look at her early life when we examine her character, the flashbacks in the novel gives a good sense of how she was shaped by her past being as adult. Ammu does not get the same kind of treatment as her brother Chacko got. She doesn’t have any options. Life at her parents’ house was tough. It made her to feel that there was nothing left for her in Ayemenem but she waited for marriage proposals. She somehow gets permissions from her strict father to go to Calcutta for summer. There she meets and marries Baba. There she meets and marries Baba which turns to be a bad choice. He was a fit man. After their marriage he turned out to be an alcoholic and outrageous liar. Mr. Hollick, Baba’s higher official summoned him to send Ammu to his bungalow to be look after or otherwise baba would be sent out of his job. Ammu refused to her husband’s

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