Ammunition : Considering A Plastic Bullet Alternative

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Megan Hoffman
Professor Novell
English 1520
Ammunition: considering a plastic bullet alternative

Imagine a world in which there is less plastic-based pollution, a healthier ecosystem, and cheaper gun ammunition. You have now pictured a world which uses an alternative material for gun ammunition: plastic. Plastic bullets are, or can be, forged, fired, and as effective as leading gun ammunition materials. Plastic, while non-renewable, can be recycled and reused in ways that were formerly unimaginable or perceived. Using recycled plastic in the process of bullet making is a universally mutual benefit. The steps necessary to make the change from the currently used materials of bullets to plastic materials causes insignificant, easily fixable consequences.

The first hurdle to overcome for any given material you wish to use as a bullet is: Will this material hold its ' form after and while being fired from a gun? The target location of a gun to determine whether or not a bullet will hold its ' form is the barrel, which is usually made out of iron (Bealer 397). Guns can come in various shapes and sizes, which can, and usually does, determine the speed at which the barrel becomes overheated. The melting point of iron, concise, stable, and never changing is two thousand, seven hundred and sixty-eight degrees Fahrenheit ( Because all guns are different and thus have different "breaking points", it 's not possible to track down and note each
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