Amnesia and Natural Memory Loss

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Amnesia What is it? Amnesia and natural memory loss is two different things, natural memory loss can start at the age of forty-five but amnesia can happen at any age. There are five different types of main Amnesia that can cause different type of memory loss. • Anterograde Amnesia • Retrograde Amnesia • Dissociative Amnesia • Infantile Amnesia • Transient Global Amnesia (TGA) (Theguardian), (medindia), (Curiosity) Anterograde Amnesia This type of Amnesia a person has brain trauma that has affected the hippocampus, the fornix which is located inside and continuing on the outside of both sides of the hippocampus or the mammillary bodies which are connected by a nerve path to the fornix. It can also temporarily be drug-induced, by alcohol intoxication, brain surgery, heart attack, concussion, shock and even an emotional disorder. This type of Amnesia affects the patient by not being able to store memories caused after the Amnesia for more than a few minutes. For example the patient is unable to remember the name of a person that he or she encountered 5 minutes ago. (healthline), (medindia), (wisegeek), (Human) Retrograde Amnesia This form of Amnesia is the most common type found in patients. It can be caused by brain disease or a brain injury. It affects the patient by losing all or some part of past memories. Newer memories are lost first because the neural path to them is weaker because they haven’t been called on
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